There is no such thing as magic in a bottle that can do everything.  Lets face it, when you add something for cleaning, you loose properties of the lubrication and lower the Flash point.  We wanted the best thing for our application.

Our Story

Matt was in the Army, Alex was in the Marines.  Sitting around one day cleaning our rifles and we were complaining about the issue that firearm lubrication and how they lacked properties that we wanted.  So after months of testing and beer drinking we came out with our first operational firearm lubricant and haven’t looked back since.

Meet the GL’s

We all like to have fun because honestly life is to boring if you do not.  Here are the faces of Gun Lube.

Expert on nothing/ Owner/ Story Teller

Snow Lube


Lead Manager/Engineer Trainee/ Owner  


Social Media Manager/ Sandwich Maker


Lead Homeless Person

Homeless Person


Article Writer/ The Dude