Gun Lube Operational Lube

Do you want the best in weapons lubrication or gun oil? We did, and made a Superior Firearm lube. No Odor, Environmental Friendly, 550F+ Flash point, Will not burn off! Perfect for anyone that goes outdoors

All-Lube protection for Mulitple Uses

Do you like hand made knifes made with real steel? Need an outdoor lubricant to protect the knifes from scary rust?  We did, and developed an All-Lube with the input of hand knifes makers.

Gun Lube Choke-Shotgun Lube Grease

Have problems with your Chokes in your Shotgun rusting?  Are you one that actually uses and gets your Shotgun covered in water and mud?  We have something for you that protects and is safe for the environment!

Our Main Message

There are 1000 plus firearm lubrication out there on the market.  We get it, and understand there are different things that people are told that lubrication's can do for firearms.  Are goal was simple with a different approach.  Let's face it, there is no such thing as magic in a bottle.  There was certain properties and things we cared about when making GunLube that Matt and I picked up in the Military and real life use.

  • High film Strength with burn off resistance.
  • No Odor, remember if you smell it shooting its burning off.
  • Repeals Water and Moister
  • Environmental Safe
  • A product you can abuse the Hell out of.
  • Non-acidic

We did not focus on the cleaning aspect of a firearm lubrication, but more going out and shooting 200 rounds with protection the whole time.  When you put cleaning agents in a lubricant you lower the flash point.  That works if you shoot here and there, but if  your an avid shooter and want a series lubricant, look no further than GunLube.

Making the Rounds

What to look for?

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